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At Blenderbox, we do more than build websites. Five Thirty Brew is a product of our off-hours, something we wanted to share with our clients at the end of a day of planning, designing, and developing. It’s a ritual, a perk, and a good excuse to chat around a keg instead of a water cooler. It’s how we roll.

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Sweaty Bloomers Asked...

Isn't all this home-brewing just an excuse to get drunk and throw snowballs at cars? If not, get real; if so, how many bot...

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5:30 Brew Process

Step 1


a Soak malted barley in hot water to create a sweet, fermentable liquid called wort

b Boil the wort for an hour to kill off any nasty bugs

c Add hops at different times during the boil to add bitterness and hop aroma

Step 2


d Cool the wort as fast as you can and transfer it to a clean container for fermentation

e Through the miracle of science, yeast eats the sugar in the wort and leave behind alcohol




Step 3


Check out some photos of the bottling process Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18 Image 19 Image 20 Image 21 Image 22

f Once the yeast is done, the beer is ready to be bottled or kegged

g Add a small amount of sugar to each bottle to give the remaining yeast something to munch on

h Cap the bottles and wait 2-4 weeks for the beers to carbonate

2-4 weeks

Step 4


We do it every day at 5:30!

Our Fine Brews

Five Thirty Brew

India Pale Ale

This India Pale Ale was brewed using a unique combination of Sorachi Ace hops and hops grown right on our rooftop in Brooklyn.

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Five Thirty Brew

Brown Ale

This complex yet balanced Brown Ale features four malts and three types of hops, and was brewed using Blenderbox’s patented “slow boil” method.

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